Gender History vol.9(2013)

Feature articles

  • The Democratization of South Korea from a Gender Perspective

    ・・・ SONG Younok

  • The Democratization of Myanmar from a Gender Perspective

    ・・・ TOSA Keiko


  • The Transformation of Female Officials and Contributing Factors for the Emergence of "Female Attendants of the Consort" in Ninth Century Japan - A Case Study of Kamitsukenu no Ason Shigeko-

    ・・・ IJŪ IN Yōko

  • The Society of Women Musicians and W.W. Cobbett: Amateurism and Gender in Early 20th Century British Music Circles

    ・・・ NISHIZAKA Taeko


Ⅰ. Key Words in Gender History

  • "Comfort Women" - Masculine Myths that are Blocking a Solution to the Problem

    ・・・ NISHINO Rumiko

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • Trends in the Study of Gender and Law-On the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Japan Association of Gender and Law

    ・・・ MITSUNARI Miho

New Trends Abroad

  • Women's History and Gender History in France -New Approaches, New Subjects, and New Problems

    ・・・ Françoise Thébaud

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books