Gender History vol.10(2014)


  • Re-exploring the U.S. Occupation of Japan from a Gender Perspective: US-Japan Collaboration in making Sexual Policy and Dividing Womens' Groups

    ・・・ HIRAI Kazuko

  • Colonial Occupation and Gender: Female Colonists in Korea

    ・・・ HIROSE Reiko


I. Key Words in Gender History

  • Militarization and Gender

    ・・・ SATO Fumika

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • Gender and the Japanese Language - a Reflection on the Connections with History

    ・・・ NAKAMURA Momoko

New Trends Abroad

  • Bridging the Local with the Global: Chinese Feminists in Diaspora

    ・・・ Wang Danning, Wang Zheng, Wu Xu

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books