Gender History vol.4(2008)


  • The Manifesto and the Modern Self: Reading the Autobiography of Muthulakshmi Reddy

    ・・・ Anandhi. S

  • Ohime and Otohime: Elder and Younger Sisters in Medieval Japan

    ・・・ NOMURA Ikuyo

  • Classes in "Home": Employment of Jochu (Maid) by Feminists in the Taisho Era

    ・・・ SAKAI Hiromi

  • Anna Komnene's Challenge to the Throne: Her Conspiracies against the Successor of Alexios I Komnenos (1118-1119)

    ・・・ KATAKURA Ayana


I. Key Words in Gender History

  • Psychoanalysis

    ・・・ TAKEMURA Kazuko

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • Economics and Gender

    ・・・ ADACHI Mariko

New Trends Abroad

  • Masculinity and the Question of Male Homosexuality in Modern Britain before the First World War

    ・・・ BRADY Sean (trans. by NOZUE Noriyuki)


  • Midori Wakakuwa

    ・・・ IKEDA Shinobu

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books