Gender History vol.5(2009)


  • Entering the Second Stage

    ・・・ NAGANO Hiroko


  • Nanshoku and the Nation: Hara Hôitsuan's Secret Politician

    ・・・ MASON Michele (trans. by OHARAZEKI Kazuhiro)

  • Eugenicist Imagination of Karayuki and its Critical Vicissitudes

    ・・・ TAKEMOTO Niina

  • On the Notion of 'Peace' and Sterilization in Isoo Abe: Concerning the Problem of Manliness

    ・・・ HAYASHI Yoko

  • Measures to Assist in the Marriage of Disabled Soldiers in Wartime: The Role of the Japanese Disabled Soldier and His Wife

    ・・・ TAKAYASU Momoko

  • Between the Empire and the Ethnic group: 'Kabanpu' during the early Japanese Colonial Era in Taiwan


  • Making Up Femininity: Cosmetics Advertising during World War II in the United States

    ・・・ ITABASHI Akiko


I. Key Words in Gender History

  • Nation

    ・・・ HIMEOKA Toshiko

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • Japanese Literature and Gender

    ・・・ KAN Satoko

New Trends Abroad

  • Reconsidering the May Fourth Consensus: Recent American Studies of Chinese Women's History

    ・・・ GROVE Linda (trans. by UEMURA Yoko)

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books