Gender History vol.2(2006)


  • Amaterasu and the Modern Japanese Imperial State: The Whereabouts of Hermaphroditism

    ・・・ CHIBA Kei

  • The Establishment of the "Imperial Army" and the Structure of "Masculinity"

    ・・・ OBINATA Sumio

  • The Formation of Hiratsuka Raicho's Thought: A Discussion of the Influence of Ellen Key's Ideas on Hiratsuka Raicho and Honma Hisao

    ・・・ HIROSE Reiko

  • The Establishment of "Modern" Sexuality of the Japanese Language

    ・・・ SHIBUYA Rinko

  • De-criminalization of Same-Sex Relations in England: Between the Criminal Law Amendment Act and Sexual Offences Act

    ・・・ NODA Keiko


I. Key Words in Gender History

  • Motherhood

    ・・・ KANOU Mikiyo

  • Gay/Lesbian Studies and Queer Theory

    ・・・ HOSHINO Haruhiko

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • International Politics from Gender Perspectives

    ・・・ TAKENAKA Chiharu

  • Men's Liberation Movement and Men's Studies in China

    ・・・ FANG Gang (trans. by OHAMA Keiko; ed. by EGAMI Sachiko)

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books