Gender History vol.18(2022)


  • History of Poverty and Welfare: British Experiences

    ・・・ HASEGAWA Takahiko

  • Food Stamp Program and Gender in the United States

    ・・・ SATO Chitose

  • Reexamination of the iconography of Empress Jingu: The Movement for the Expansion of Women's Rights and the Reading of "Female Emperors" in Jogaku Zasshi(Journal of Women's Studies)

    ・・・ JINNAI Eri

  • Beheiren and Women: Focusing on the Formation of Nagasaki Beheiren

    ・・・ MINATO Nao


Ⅰ. Key Words in Gender History

  • The Ethics of Care

    ・・・ MOTOHASHI Rie

Ⅱ. Academix Disciplines and Gender

  • Social Reproduction Theory

    ・・・ MOTOYAMA Hisako

New Trends Abroad

  • "Solidarity" between Feminists and Conservatives: The Trans-exclusionary Discourse in South Korea

    ・・・ FUKUNAGA Genya

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books