Gender History vol.13(2017)


  • Where Aoi sanmyaku (The Green Mountains) Takes Us:A Gender Historical Analysis on the Limits and Possibilities of "Postwar Democracy"

    ・・・ CHIBA Kei

  • Gender Perspectives on How Japan is Represented in the USS Arizona Memorial

    ・・・ KIRA Tomoko

  • Decolonization and the Subversion of Korean Women in Japan -What we can learn about gender from the Doburoku Struggle after "Liberation"-

    ・・・ LEE Haengri

  • "Hygiene"and Management of the Bodies of High School Girls -The Significance of "Special Hygiene for Women"-

    ・・・ SAITO Toshihiko


I. Key Words in Gender History

  • Quota and Parité

    ・・・ MIURA Mari

II. Academic Disciplines and Gender

  • Gender and Labor Law-Law Enforcement in Cases of Discrimination and Harassment

    ・・・ KANNO Toshiko

New Trends Abroad

  • New Waves of Gender / Women's History -A case of Sub-Saharan Africa-

    ・・・ TOMINAGA Chizuko

  • Book Reviews

  • New Books