The Purpose of the Gender History Association of Japan

The concept of gender, which emerged in the last quarter of the twentieth century, has become a key concept in academic studies internationally and has contributed to constructing new intellectual paradigms for the twenty-first century. We have decided to organize the Gender History Association of Japan to promote the study of human history from a gender perspective in various academic disciplines.

As an interdisciplinary research organization, our members include scholars in various fields, including history, literature, linguistics, education, religion, thought, art, music, theater, economics, sociology, folklore, politics, law, and natural sciences, and our goal is to conduct comprehensive studies of gender in history by cooperating with one another across disciplinary boundaries. In other words, we, view gender as a key variable in history, attempting to understand the flexibility and characteristics of gender, including its mechanisms, from various disciplinary perspectives. At the same time, we consider it an important agenda to understand the structural relation between gender and other key concepts such as race, ethnicity, and class.

Also, we study all regions of the world, including Japan, Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. We believe that by examining the intersection of the vertical axis of history and the horizontal axis of region, we can study gender history from an international, regional, and comparative perspective. Furthermore, we would like to find ways to make good use of the research results for the advancement of compulsory, higher, and social education.

We will actively cooperate with gender studies-related academic and non-academic organizations in Japan and overseas. In so doing, we believe that we can contribute not only to the development of academic research but also to the future of human society.

We invite anyone supporting our association's purpose to collaborate with us in promoting the association's activities.

May 19, 2004

Founding Members
Toshie Awaya/Shinobu Ikeda/Teruko Ishikawa/Kazue Inoue
Sachiko Egami/Maki Omori/Sumio Obinata/Noriko Katsuura
Chikako Kato/Fusae Kawazoe/Midori Kobayashi/Rui Kohiyama
Satoshi Sakata/Mariko Sakurai/Yuki Sakurai/Madoka Sato
Atsuko Shinbo/Tatsuhiko Seo/Yuko Takahashi/Kaoru Tachi
Masayuki Tanimoto/Hiroko Nagano/Ryuichi Narita/Noriyo Hayakawa
Sanae Fukuto/Ikuko Fujihira/Junko Bunda/Kanako Maeyama
Yuko Matsumoto/Miho Morioka/Akiko Yoshie/Yukari Yoshihara
Sayoko Yoneda/Linda Grove/Midori Wakakuwa/Sumiko Watanabe