Gender History Association of Japan
2007 Fourth Annual Meeting Program

Time: Sunday December 2, 2007
Place: Tokyo Woman's Christian University (Zenpukuji Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
Fees: 1,500 yen for Non-Members, 1,000 yen for Members
500 yen for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (both Members and Non-members)
Tea: 1,000 yen for Non-members, Members, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Kumie Inose), Room 9203
10:00-10:40, Keiko Kawashima, “Acadèmie des sciences and Women: Gender Issues as Seen in the Republication of marquise du Châtelet's ‘Dissertation on Fire'"
10:40-11:20, Hiroko Tomida, “Pankhurst's Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain"
11:20-12:00, Atsuko Mineyama, “Ochimi Kubushiro's Theory of Sexual Education in the Pre-war Period"

Session B (Chair: Ryoko Kodama), Room 9105
10:00-10:40, Yoshitake Kubota, “‘Asianistic Masculinity' and Asia: The Construction of ‘Characters in Retsuden'"
10:40-11:20, Yuko Koyama, “The History of Clothing and Gender: A Reexamination of Nobuhiko Murakami's A History of Clothing"

Session C (Chair: Yuko Takahashi), Room 9204
10:00-10:40, Yuko Ueno, “The Debut of Women in Haiku Circles during the Taisho and Early Showa Periods"
10:40-11:20, Misako Kunihara, “Post-war Educational Reforms and Women's Universities"

Session D (Chair: Risa Tamaru), Room 9202
10:00-10:40, Sawako Kanai, “A Study of ‘Paid' Domestic Services in Urban Areas of Turkey"
10:40-11:20, Anja Osiander, “A Cultural History of Women's Lib"
11:20-12:00, Takako Fukuda, “‘Sexuality' and ‘Reproduction': The ‘Free Love' Movement and the Transformation of Its Theory"

General Assembly, 13:00-14:00, Room 9103

Symposium, 14:15-17:00, Room 9103

Theme: “Gender Politics of Reproduction"
Chair: Sanae Fukuto
Naoko Kojima, “Family and Children in Dynasty Literature"
Mayuho Hasegawa, “Giving Birth to a Child/Forcing Mothers to Give Birth to a Child in Cotentin: Mauquest de la Motte's technique"
Nanami Suzuki, “The Historical Transformation of Childbirth and the Health Reform Movement: ‘Women's Sphere' and the Creation of Life Culture"
Comment: Masako Kohama

Tea, 17:30-18:30, Reischauer House

Please bring your lunch. There are few places to have a meal around the campus.

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報告1:荻野 美穂 <ジェンダー>概念の目指したもの
報告2:曽根ひろみ 日本刑事法制のなかの「⼥」
2007 年5 月12 日(土)13:30〜17:00
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