Gender History Association of Japan
2005 Second Annual Meeting Program

Sunday November 27, 2005
Chuo University Tama Campus, Building No.3

Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Fusae Kawazoe), Room 3551
10:00-11:00 Panel, “Women Paint Pictures: Social History Perspectives on Woman and Art in Modern Japan"
Panelists: Tomoko Ogawa
Tomoko Kira
Akiko Yamasaki
Commentator: Reiko Kokatsu

11:00-12:00 Panel, “Narratives in Medieval Japan/Visual Representation and Social Imagination: Practices of Analysis and Interpretation from a Gender Perspective"
Panelists: Mariko Inamoto
Saeko Kimura
Shinobu Ikeda

Session B (Chair: Rui Kohiyama), Room 3453
10:00-10:30, Kaori Isobe, “Images of Men in Jokan, a Journal for Women in the Meiji period"
10:30-11:00, Yoko Hayashi, “Women's/Men's Anti-prostitution Campaigns"
11:00-12:00, “Why Did Male Intellectuals Discuss Women? A Journal Shin Josei (1926-1929) as a Subject of Analysis"
Panelists: Hui-chi Hsu
Jungwon Jin

Session C (Chair: Yuko Takahashi), Room 3454
10:00-10:30, Chisako Uno, “Luther Halsey Gulick and YMCA Physical Education Programs"
10:30-11:00, Remi Kitahara, “PACS: A New Form of Civic Union in France"
11:00-12:00 Panel, “The Emperor System and Religion from a Gender Perspective"
Chair & Panelist: Haruko Okano
Panelists: Junko Minamoto
Atsuko Usui
Akiko Okuda

General Assembly, 11:00-2:00, Room 3551

Symposium, 2:00-5:00, Room 3551
Theme: The Making of Japanese Citizens and “Soldiers": Politics of Masculinity in Modern Japan
Chair: Chikako Kato, Shinobu Ikeda

Makoto Hosoya, Making Soldiers, Making Japanese Citizens: The Origins of Masculinity
Sumio Obinata, The Formation of “the Imperial Forces" and the Structure of “Masculinity"
Keiko Kaizuma, “Turning Women into Japanese Citizens" for the Construction of Masculinity: An Attempt to Stimulate Further Discussion of “Empire's Feminism"
Ayako Saito, A Study of the Representation of Soldiers

Dinner 5:30-7:00, Room 1410

ジェンダー史学会 イメージ&ジェンダー研究会共催
公開シンポジウム 共通テーマ:表象の可視/不可視とジェンダー

コメンテーター 原武史(日本政治思想史)
2005 年10 月2 日(日)13:30~16:30
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公開シンポジウム 「戦争体験と記憶」


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