Gender History Association of Japan 
2016 13th Annual Meeting
Place: Musashi University, Egota Campus

10:00 – 12:15
Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Akiko Yamasaki)
Mayuka Sato, “Representation of British Women at the British Empire Exhibitions in the Interwar Period”
Hiroaki Adachi, “Reconsidering Thecla; Women and the Transformation of the Gender Norm”
Yuki Narihara, “The Meaning and Function in the Representation of the Women in Taima mandara engi emaki”

Session B (Chair: Ryoko Kurihara)
Hiroko Hiratsuka, “Gender Representations in American Media during the 1960s: ‘American Women’ in Life”
Motoe Sasaki, “(Re)masculinizing Christianity through Science and Internationalism: U.S. Protestant Foreign Mission Movements in the Early Twentieth Century”
Miyuki Daimaruya, “Service Experiences of Nisei Women in the Korean War and Their Social Participations in 1950s: Analysis from Gender and Ethnic Perspectives”

Session C (Chair: Keiko Kaizuma)
Toshihiko Saito, “The Hygiene and Management of the Body in the Women’s Middle School: What the Female Special Hygiene Meant”
Yajie Cheng, “A Surver of the Establishment of HeNan Foot – Releasing Office based on Fang zu yun dong ban yue kan”
Chloé Bellec, “The Feminization of Naginata in Education during the First Half of the Twentieth Century”
Yuhei Yamabe, “Jigoku no Hangyakusha, or A Rebel in Hell (1926) as a Survival Guide for Women Who Work in Red-light District”

10:00 – 12:15
Panel Session
Session D: “Modern China as seen by a Japanese Newswoman: Focusing on ‘Diary of a Trip to China’ by Shige Takenaka”

Moderator: Teruko Ishikawa (Otsuma Women's University)

Panel Members:
Atsuko Hujii (Ritsumeikan University)
Mizuyo Sudo (Kansai University)
Yi Yao (The University of Tokyo)
Makiko Yamasaki (Nihon University)

Symposium: "Reconsideration of "Postwar Democracy" in the US-Japan Relationship: Gender Representation Analysis Approach"

Kei Chiba (Adjunct Lecturer, Chiba University), "Where Aoi sanmyaku( The Green Mountains) Takes Us: A Gender Historical Analysis on the Limits and Possibilities of “Postwar Democracy”"
Reiko Ikegawa (Visiting Scholar, Osaka University of Economics and Law), "Flickering Blue Stocking – Japanese Women’s History in a Film under Occupation"
Tomoko Kira (Adjunct Lecturer, Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University), "Gender Perspectives on How Japan is Represented in the USS Arizona Memorial"

Akiko Yamasaki (Nara Women's University)
Shinobu Ikeda (Chiba University)

Teru Shimamura (Ferris University)
Mayumi Kagawa (Musashi University)