Gender History Association of Japan 
2014 Annual Meeting
Date: December 14, 2014
Place: Yokohama National University

Independent Paper Presentations:
Session A (Chair: Kae Ishii)
Yoshie Mitobe, "West German Society Shaken by the Diversification of the Sexual Norms: Government Concerns are Clear from Disputes surrounding the “Sexual Science-Atlas (Sexualkunde-Atlas)”
Hiroko Hiratsuka, “The Gender Representations in American Media during Early Cold War Era: Women in Life Magazine”
Yoshiko Ito, "Voices and Silence in Alice in Bed"
Shino Sugimura, " Representation of Women in British Magazines during World War II"

Session B (Chair: Yuko Takahashi)
Christine LEVY, "Gender-bashing in Japan and France"
Saori Matsushita, "Japanese Prostitute in Dominion of Canada, from the Late Nineteenth Century to 1920’s"
Rinko Umeno, "The Castrate crossing Gender"
Yoko Mori, "The Formation Process of Information Networks Related to the Movement against Licensed Prostitution among Japan, the British Empire, and the United States"

Session C (Chair: Ayuko Nomura)
Tomonori Koizumi, "Shutting Children away from Sexual Expressions in Kabuki:From the End of the Edo-period to the First Stage of the Meiji-period"
Takayoshi Kitou, "Blind Spot of Masanao Nakamura's Female Education"
Chisako Uno, "Kano Jigoro and “Masculinity” of the Student of the University of Tokyo"
Mayumi Ohashi, "A Study of Kodomo-no-tomo (Friends of Children), the Picture Magazine ―Focusing on Its Media Events in the Early Showa period"

Session D (Chair: Keiko Kaizuma)
Misako Kunihara, "The Work of Japanese Red Cross Society's Nurses with Foreign Voluntary Nurses, during the Russo-Japanese War"
Naoko Inoue, "Reorganization of Patriotic Women's Association, the Region, and Women"
Shizue Osa, "The Transformation of Discourse about Air Raid from Wartime to Post War by Gender Perspective"
Seo Yuna, "Representations of ‘South Korea’ in the Works of TOMIYAMA Taeko: Focusing on the 1970s and ’80s"

13:30 -17:45
Symposium: "Contemporary History on Gender and Nuclear Power"

Mikiyo Kano, "'Atoms for Peace' and Formation of Modern Family"
Tokuko Ishiyama (Meiji University), "Production of Nuclear Power and Structural Inequality: Politics of Radioactive Waste Disposal in the United States"
Rebecca Jennison (Kyoto Seika University), "Resonant Histories: Imagining Post-3.11 Futures in Tomiyama Taeko's Recent Work"

Haruhiko Hoshino(Fukuoka University)
Michifumi Yokoyama(Rissho University)

Ryoko Kodama(Ochanomizu University)
Chikako Kato(Yokohama National University)