Gender History Association of Japan 
2013 Annual Meeting
Date: December 7 & 8, 2013
Place: Hitotsubashi University

December 7, 13:30-
Key Note Speech:
Cynthia Enloe (Clark University), "How is Gender Militarized?: Investigating with a Feminist Curiosity"

December 7, 14:30-18:00
Symposium A: "Militarization and Gender"

Kazuko Hirai (PhD student, Hitotsubashi University), "Re-exploring U.S. Occupation of Japan from a Gender Perspective: Japan-U.S. Collaboration in Making Sexual Policy and Dividing Women's Groups"
Kayo Sawada (Okinawa International University), "U.S. Military Occupation and Patriarchy: Toward Situating Fertility in Reproductive Politics and Population Control in Okinawa"
Megumi Kitahara (Osaka University), "De-militarized and Comforting Japanese Emperor's Body in the Crisis of Defeat and Disaster: Considering from a Gender Perspective"

Yoshiyuki Kido (Hitotsubashi University)
Chikako Kato (Yokohama National University)

Cynthia Enloe (Clark University)

December 8, 9:45-11:45
Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Hiroyuki Matsubara)
Satomi Minowa, "Freedom, Marriage, and Sexuality after the Enactment of the Comstock Law in the Late-Nineteenth-Century United States"
Aya Miyoshi, "The Mobilization of American Red Cross Nurses during World War I"
Masaya Sato, "Feminist Peace Activism: Belle Abzug and the American Peace Movement during the 1970s"

Session B (Chair: Kae Ishii)
Toshiko Kamijo, "Sexual Violence against Women: The Case of European Middle Ages"
Shutaro Suzuki, "The Rights of Woman" in Early America: A Study in Atlantic Perspective"
Keiko Kawashima, "Marie Curie and Gender Question in the Langevin Affaire"

Session C (Chair: Yuriko Yokoyama)
Rumi Matsuzaki, "Formation of Modern Nation State and Women of the Noble Family"
Mayumi Ohashi, "Subjects of Desire, a Gender Pattern of a Girls' Image, Constructed in Picture Magazines"
Shin Dongsu, "A Study of Japanese-Korean New Woman's View of Love"

Session D (Chair: Masakatsu Yamaguchi-Uchida)
Kyungok Kim, "The Study of 'Wartime Childcare' in Japan: 1937-1945"
Shoko Masuda, "Folklore of Women Controlling Their Own Purses: The Nature of Women's Consciousness of Personal Property Holding and Consumption"

December 8, 13:30-
Symposium B: "History of Gender and Migration in Asia: Revisiting/Understanding the Intersection between Subjectivity and Subordination during the Modern Period"

Niina Takemoto (PhD student, Hitotsubashi University), "Women Beyond the Boundaries: An Analysis of the Representation of Japanese Prostitutes Overseas"
Reiko Hirose (Hokkaido Information University), "Women’s Roles in Supporting Colonial Control: Japanese Women in Colonized Korea"
Seika Sato (Teikyo University), "Marriage, Migrant Work, and Urban Resettlement: Nepal’s Yolmo Women on the Move"

Fumie Ohashi (Musashi University)
Akane Onozawa (Rikkyo University)

Kaoru Aoyama (Kobe University)