Gender History Association of Japan 
2011 Eighth Annual Meeting

Time: Sunday December 10, 2011
Place: Meiji University, Surugadai Campus (the Liberty Tower)
In Corporation with Meiji University, School of Information and Communication, Gender center

Fees: 1,500 yen for Non-members, 1,000 yen for Members, 500 yen for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (both Members and Non-members)

Registration (First-floor Lobby)—from 9:30 a.m.

Independent Paper Presentations—10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Independent Paper Presentations

Session A (Chair: Ayumu Kaneko), Room 1094
10:00 – 10:40, Yukiyo Kitaoka, “Walther Rathenau and His Idea of Manliness, 1897-1912: Between Assimilation and ‘Courage’”

10:40 – 11:20, Hisanori Ito, “Masculinities of the Youth Political Movement in the Taisho Era: The Constitutional Youth Party (Rikken Seinen Tō) and Mumeo Wada (Oku)”

11:20 – 12:00, Akira Sakai, “The Image of a ‘Perfect Man’ and the Sexuality of Husbands: Masculinity in Japan, 1945-the 1960s”

Session B (Chair: Saeko Kimura), Room 1096
10:00 – 10:40, Yoshiko Inui, “The Media in the War Images of Kimono: Ukiyoe, Picture Postcards, and Newsreels”

10:40 – 11:20, Rinko Umeno, “Misogyny in Early Modern Society: Representations of Women in the Medea Opera in the Age of Sun King”

11:20 – 12:00, Keiko Susaki, “An Indigenous Wife’s Solitude: Reconsidering Rosario Castellanos’ The Book of Lamentations”

Session C (Chair: Rumi Yasutake), Room 1103
10:00 – 10:40, Atsuko Mineyama, “The Movement against the Licensed Prostitution System and Ochimi Kubushiro’s View of Prostitution: An Examination of Her Essays Published in Fujin Shinpo”

10:40 – 11:20, Konomi Imai, “Why Did Female District Commissioners (Fujin Hōmen Iin) Fail to Become ‘Female Professionals’?: The Case of Osaka Prefecture”

11:20 – 12:00, Yuko Yokotsuka Kimura, “Maternalist Social Reforms in the United States and Japan in the Early Twentieth Century: A Comparative Historical Examination of U.S. Mothers’ Pension Movements and Japanese Campaigns for Aid to Mothers and Children”

Session D (Chair: Emiko Inoue), Room 1106
10:00 – 10:40, Shuko Watanabe, “The Acceptance of Scientific Thought and the Education of Girls in Meiji Japan: From the Perspective of Fertility Management”

10:40 – 11:20, Hideaki Naganuma, “‘Women’s Profession in Taisho Japan: Debates in the Special Council on Education (Rinji Kyōiku Kaigi)”

11:20 – 12:00, Noe Yamawaki, “Masa Abe: One of the First Alumnae of Kobe College”

Session E (Chair: Ryoko Kodama), Room 1105
10:00 – 10:40, Kazue Tanimura, “Trafficking in Asian Brides: The “International Marriage’ Business and Brides from the Philippines, Korea, and China”

10:40 – 11:20, Lemmin Quitahala, “Concubinage in French History and Today: Acceptance and Exclusion by the State”

Session F (Panel), Room 1093
11:00 – 12:00, Women Artists and War
Organizer: Megumi Kitahara
1. Reiko Kokatsu, “Women Painters in Wartime Japan: Haruko Hasegawa and Toshiko Akamatsu (Toshi Maruki)”
2. Megumi Kitahara, “Gender and War Paintings: Haruko Hasegawa in Wartime Japan”
Commentator: Mikiyo Kano

General Meeting—13:00 p.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Symposium—14:15 p.m. to 17:15 p.m.

Gender Analysis of “Self-employed, Small-scale Businesses”: Their Historical Developments from Early Modern Japan to Today 

Hiroko Nagano, Chuo University
“Gender in Small-Scale Farm Village Households in Early Modern Japan: Differences in Division of Labor, Attitudes and Gender Spheres”

Masayuki Tanimoto, University of Tokyo
“Approaches to Self-employed, Small-scale Businesses in Modern Japan: Focus on the Female Labor Allocation as a Household Strategy”

Motoki Akutsu, Kyoto University
“Rural Transformation and Gender in Postwar Japan: From the Perspective of Family Farm and Local Community”

Masakatsu Okado, Yokohama National University
Miho Mitsunari, Setsunan University

Kaoru Tachi, Ochanomizu University
Madoka Sato, Otsuma Women’s University

Tea—17:30 p.m. to 18:30 p.m.