Gender History Association of Japan
2009 Sixth Annual Meeting Program

Time: Sunday November 29, 2009
Place: Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus, Building No. 10

Fees: 1,500 yen for Non-members, 1,000 yen for Members
500 yen for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (both Members and Non-members)
Tea: 1,000 yen for Non-members, Members, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Sachiko Egami), Room 201
10:00-10:40, Keiko Suzaki, “The Constructed Roles of Women in Mexican Novels: Reconsidering How ‘Soltera' or Single Women Are Represented in the Novels of Rosario Castellanos"
10:40-11:20, Yoko Hayashi, “The Relationship between Social Change, Gender and Modern Wars: An Analysis of Attitudes to Venereal Disease in Medical Advertising in the Meiji Era"
11:20-12:00, Asako Haneda, “Nora in China-The Case of Chen Hengzhe, the First Female Professor at Beijing University"

Session B (Chair: Masayuki Tanimoto), Room 202
10:00-10:40, Chiori Goto, “Welfare Policy and the Regulation of Male Workers in Earl 20th Century America"
10:40-11:20, Kazumi Aoyagi, “Can ‘Continuing' Exploitation of Surplus Labour Force Be Realized without Forcing Females to Reproduce?"
11:20-12:00, Kaien Sai, “Part-time Work and Gender in Japan after World War II“

Session C (Chair: Kyoko Nomoto), Room 207
10:00-10:40, Fumi Kiwata, “Lesbianism in the Taishō Era"
10:40-11:20, Yoshiko Inui, “Visual Images of Patriotic Women in Japan"
11:20-12:00, Masako Kunitake, “The Japanese Women's Suffrage Movement and Their Perception of Asia during Wartime"

Session D (Chair: Yuko Takahashi), Room 208
10:00-10:40, Kazuhiro Oharazeki, “Japanese Prostitutes' in the North American West, 1900-1920"
10:40-11:20, Yasuhiro Okada, “Empowerment of African American Women in Japan under the U.S. Military Occupation"
11:20-12:00, Miwa Yokoyama, “Scientific Discourse Concerning Menstruation and Women's Higher Education in Nineteenth-Century America"

Session E (Chair: Yoshie Mitobe), Room 209
10:00-10:20, Miki Nakanishi Tsubota, “Public and Intimate Spheres, and Gender in Indigenous Taiwanese Society during the Late Japanese Occupation"
10:40-11:20, Tomoko Yamada, “Thoughts on Women's Emancipation and National Consciousness in Partitioned Poland"
11:20-12:00, Konomi Imai, “A Study of the ‘Fujin Hōmen Iin' and the ‘Strasburg System'"

General Assembly, 13:00-14:00, Room 204

Symposium, 14:15-17:15, Room 204

Theme: “Catastrophe and Changing Gender Order: Pandemic, Earthquake and Economic Crisis"
Chair: Kaoru Tachi, Risa Tamaru
Kiyono Shimbo, “Gendered Representations of the Plague Pandemic: Creating the Visual Images of Victims in Early Modern Cities in Italy"
Itoko Kitahara, “Woman as a Symbol of the Recovery from the Disaster: Visual Images of the 1855 and 1923 Earthquakes in Tokyo"
Tomoyo Nakano, “Defeat, Hyper-Inflation and Mass-Poverty: From the Diary of a Social Worker (Fürsorgerin) in the 1920s Germany"
Commentator: Ryuichi Narita

Tea, 17:30-18:30, Room 206


会場:奈良女子大学 生活環境学部A棟1階会議室
〒630-8506 奈良市北魚屋西町(近鉄奈良駅から徒歩約5分)

「なぜ産婆は専門職化に失敗したのか -戦前の「産師法案」をめぐる動きを通して」