Gender History Association of Japan
2006 Third Annual Meeting Program

Sunday November 26, 2006
Tsuda Hall (Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Fees: 1,500 yen for Non-members, 1,000 yen for Members
500 yen for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (both Members and Non-Members)
Tea: 1,000 yen for Non-members, Members, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Independent Paper Presentations
Session A (Chair: Makoto Hosoya), Meeting Room 105
10:00-10:40, Masakatsu Yamaguchi-Uchida, “The Representation of Masculinity in Turn-of-the-century Japan as Seen in Shonen Sekai"
10:40-11:20, Marcia Yonemoto, “Images of Women's Bodies Represented in Manuals for Women of the Early Edo Period"
11:20-12:00, Keiko Noda, “A Study of the Invisibility of Women's Intimate Relations with One Another: A British Case"

Session B (Chair: Madoka Sato), Meeting Room 102
10:00-10:40, Chitose Sato, “The Formation of the American Welfare State and Gender: From Mothers' Pensions to Aid to Dependent Children"
10:40-11:20, Konomi Imai, “Women's Social Participation and Social Work: Through the Developments of the New Woman's Association and American Social Work"
11:20-12:00, Mizuyo Sudo, “International Exchanges between Japanese and Chinese Women in Modern Times with Focus on the Work of Shige Takenaka"

Session C (Chair: Junko Sakai), Meeting Room 101
10:00-10:40, Mayuka Sato, “The Representation of Identity: The Women's Suffrage Movement in the Edwardian Period as Seen in Parades"
10:40-11:20, Remi Kitahara, “French Policies toward Women: Their History and Transformations"
11:20-12:00, Yumi Sakurai, “Women and Medical Herbs in Ancient Greek"

Session D (Chair: Sachiko Egami), Tsuda Hall
10:00-11:00, Panel: “The Colonial Body in Taiwan Represented in ‘Lives' and ‘Voices'"
Panelist: Peichen Wu
WenJu Lee
Commentator: Yukari Yoshihara

General Assembly, 13:00-13:45, Tsuda Hall

Symposium, 13:45-16:30, Tsuda Hall
Theme: “Culture, Power, and Gender"

Chair Rui Kohiyama
Panelists Rumi Yasutake, “Gender Norms and Turn-of-the-century Asian American Society"
Jin-Suk Kim, “The Transformation of Gender Norms in Ethics Textbooks in Korea"
Masumi Matsumoto, “Religious Education, Public Education, and Chinese Muslim Women: Gender in the Muslim Revival and Globalism"
Commentator Ken Chujo

Concert, 17:00-18:00, Tsuda Hall

“Harp and Women: Master Player Naoko Yoshino Plays Harp Pieces of Henriette Reniè (1875-1956) and Other Female Composers"
Chair: Midori Kobayashi
Harp: Naoko Yoshino

Tea, 18:00-19:00, Meeting Room 101 & 102


報告: 江上幸子 近代中国の「新しい女性」言説とモダンガール・丁玲
報告: 野村育世 大姫・乙姫考
コメンテーター: 河添房江・森岡実穂司会: 池田忍
2006 年6月25 日(日) 13:00~16:30
中央大学駿河台記念館280 室
〒101-8324 東京都千代田区神田駿河台3-11-5 電話 03-3292-3111
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