Gender History Association of Japan
2004 Inaugural Meeting

Saturday December 4, 2004, 10:00-17:00
Chuo University Surugadai Memorial Hall, Room 281

General Assembly, 10:00-12:00
Memorial Lecture, 13:00-13:40
Anne Walthall (Professor, University of California)
“Politics of Gender: Japan's Modernization from an American Perspective"

Symposium: “Why Gender History, Now?" 14:00-17:00
Chair: Sachiko Egami, Kaoru Tachi
Yoichi Ohashi (University of Tokyo, English Literature and Literary Theories)
“Gender, Its Specialization and De-specialization"

Sanae Fukuto (Saitama Gakuen University, Ancient Japanese History)
“Woman's History to Gender History: A Case of Ancient Japanese History"

Kanako Maeyama (Surugadai University, Modern Chinese Social and Cultural Thought)
“Revolution and Gender: Toward a Reconstruction of Chinese Women's History"

Maki Omori (Waseda University, Social Policy)
“Labor and Gender"

Midori Wakakuwa (Kawamura Gakuen Woman's University, Gender Art History, Culture and Representation)
“An Inseparable Relationship between Gender Studies and Studies of Representation and Its Consequences: A Report on Actual Examples"

Fees: 1,000 yen for Non-Members, 500 yen for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

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