Gender History Vol.6(2010)


Reflections the Iron Girls: Gender, Labor and Iron Girls
―Jin Yihong (trans. By OHASHI Fumie)
Representations of Gender during the Plague Crisis: Images of Plague Victims in Early Modern Italy
―SHIMBO Kiyono
Welfare and the Policing of the Male Breadwinner in Early-Twentieth-Century America
-GOTO Chiori
Clarence J. Gamble and the Postwar Japanese Birth Control Movement: The Convening of the Fifth International Planned Parenthood Conference

I. Key Words in Gender History
Reproduction OGINO Miho
II. Academic Disciplines and Gender
Gender and Education Research KIMURA Ryoko

New Trends Abroad
The Centennial of “the Annexation of Korea” and the Recent Studies of Women’s History and Gender History in the Republic of Korea
-KIM Puja

Book Reviews

New Books